Bernice Lattimere

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Position: Licensed Realtor, Sales Associate
Phone: (404) 536-7442
Address: 500 Bishop Street NW Suite E-LL1, Atlanta, GA 30318

About Me

Prior to relocating back to her hometown of Atlanta, Bernice Lattimere Stanley worked as a sales associate with Douglas Elliman in Manhattan. With $14 billion in sales a year, Elliman is the largest co-op and condo manager in New York City, representing 42,000 units. For 14 years, Bernice represented clients in the city’s fiercely competitive condo market.

After her many successful years of selling condominiums and co-ops throughout Manhattan, Bernice returned to her roots as a dedicated real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia. She believes the ultimate decision a buyer or seller makes should bring them complete satisfaction upon closing. With this in mind, she provides a thorough education as well as the most attentive service to her clients to eliminate any doubts they may have. Whatever a customer’s special requirements or complex demands, Bernice works hard to attain each individual’s ultimate goal and remains flexible in case their needs change.

In addition to her phenomenal interpersonal skills and attention to detail, Bernice is a highly adaptable individual. This allowed her to adjust to the challenging real estate market by growing and developing her short sale listing business. Always excited by challenge, Bernice is thriving in short sales, which many people consider an extremely tedious sales process. She maintains a high success rate in getting all of her short sale listings to the closing table.  Through her experience in short sales over the past few years, Bernice has been able to establish relationships with most major banks allowing her to get her short sales closed within 90 days.

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